Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Social Justice and Disrespect & Hate are Two Entirely Different Things

Sports has always been seen by society as an extension of childhood growth. It builds healthy bodies and teaches shared brotherhood and leadership. It's where children can funnel their energy and hopes & dreams into a life long interest, and for the lucky and talented, wealth and a fame.  In the intercity it has become for some an escape from poverty and despair. But now that the left have completely taken over the education system it now turns their poisonous thoughts and twisted logic towards the most vulnerable as they begin to take aim and infect even the youngest of us. 

You can expect to see more of this proliferate in the future......

8 year olds Disrespect Flag and Law Enforcement 
Under Guidance of Coach 
100% FedUp - "East St.Louis, IL is the murder capital of the United States. Next door to East St. Louis is Belleville, IL, home of the Cahokia football team. The team is comprised of players who are 8 and under.  On Sunday, the players took a knee during the national anthem as a show of solidarity with the rioters in St. Louis. 
The Cahokia football coach who must be aware of the violence committed by mostly blacks against blacks in the neighboring murder capital of the United States wasn’t trying to teach the kids a lesson about staying away from drugs or violent gangs, he was teaching them to disrespect our flag as a way to show their anger and frustration towards the police officers who risk their lives every time they put on a uniform and dare to enter the hell hole that is East St. Louis, IL. 
All 25 players on the Cahokia Quarterback Club football team took a knee during the national anthem ahead of Sunday’s game at Little Devil’s Field in Belleville."
This coach is not a real man, he's a coward. If anything, he should be telling these young boys the truth about their world and warning them to the consequences of any future actions.  

In nearby St. Louis Mo.  44 percent of the population is white and 49 percent black.  Based on the city’s official crime data for 2012 — the most recent year which data are available — 97.6 percent of those arrested for murder were black and 2.4 percent were white. More than 82 percent of those arrested for serious crimes like murder, aggravated assault and larceny were black, while just 17.5 percent arrested were white. Black males in St. Louis were responsible for the vast majority (63.5 percent) of crimes committed. Other groups contribute significantly less to the serious crimes in St. Louis. 

White males made up 17 percent of arrests, black females were 14 percent of arrests and white females only 5.3 percent of arrests. Black females were arrested for 14 murders compared with three white males arrested for murder. Black females were arrested for more robberies, aggravated assaults and larcenies than white males

The Cahokia football coach, who had the perfect opportunity to educate these young minds about getting a good education and staying away from a dead-end life of crime, instead, took the opportunity to disrespect the law enforcement officers tasked with protecting these crime-ridden neighborhoods.

(100 Percent Fed Up)
(Fox 2 St. Louis)

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