Thursday, October 26, 2017

Happy Birthday You Annoying Old Witch

The woman has been lying and covering it up all her life, and I’m sure she believes there’s no one better than she at creating a path strewn with so much confusion and ambiguity that it’s impossible to nail her for what she obviously did. But maybe she’s not as good as she thought she was. Strictly in terms of public knowledge, it’s now looks like to everyone paying attention that Hillary was trying to buy dirt on Trump without a paper trail to show she was doing it. (The fact that Christopher Steele’s sources were from the Kremlin puts a whole new spin on the “collusion with Russia” thing, and that’s another post all its own.)

Is Hillary going to escape legal culpability for lying on her FEC report like she escaped it for her e-mail felonies? She doesn’t have Loretta Lynch and James Comey around to protect her anymore, and no one has to worry about the precedent they’d set by coming down legally on a current presidential nominee. And the statute is not ambiguous. If Hillary for America didn’t disclose that they were paying Perkins Coie to hire Fusion GPS, then they lied and they’re in noncompliance with the statute. And then there's the whole "Uranium Thing." Almost anything that happens to Hillary is too lenient, but I’m not fussy.

The woman has been on a 40-year crime spree and escaped any penalty by wielding influence with the people who could hold her to account but are unwilling to do so. Anything that makes it official Hillary broke the law works for me. - Read More

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