Thursday, October 5, 2017

Hypocrisy & Demagoguery Continue to Reign Supreme

Congressman John "Mush Mouth" Louis (Dipshit - Ga.)

From leftist politicians to elitist entertainment personalities are enthusiastically spouting their demagoguery in the media this week following the shooting in Las Vegas. From weepy latenight comedians to flap jawed feminist on daytime talk shows to hateful losing presidential candidates, its their big chance to again pound the pulpit 
against the NRA and push the left's unconstitutional attacks on the Second Amendment.

And what would leftist demagoguery be without the cancer that is the Congressional Black Caucus, that self-segregated pack of big government fanatics who despite their long tenures in elected office, preside over districts where the lives of constituents never improve. One of the longest tenured (30 yrs.) as well as one of the worst of this worthless bunch is entrenched congressman John Lewis of Georgia. Lewis has spent decades using his civil rights era status to obscure the fact he is just another unprincipled machine politician who picks his times to slither out to babble on like a senile political philosopher. Like Wednesday when he joined his fascistic party in laying the blame for Vegas at the feet of Republicans.......
“Don’t tell me we need mental health reform when you won’t provide every American access to mental health care. Don’t tell me about protecting the Second Amendment when you won’t stand up for the First Amendment. Don’t tell me this is about anything other than greed – greed! – money and fear.”
Of course it’s political opportunism. It’s incomprehensible that Lewis would be concerned with 59 white shooting victims anywhere seeing he, nor any of his CBC members ever mention the black on black gun violence in our major cities like Chicago where the body count is rapidly approaching 500 this year.  To address that problem head on would destroy the entire democrat argument on the Second Amendment because it is the congressional black caucus' own constituents who are responsible for a good amount of the nation’s gun violence. It's reflective of the failure of career black politicians to improve the lives of those in their own crime-ridden districts.  Lewis is just another democrat charlatan who like the rest of his party, are out of touch with America and offer no solutions.

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