Wednesday, October 18, 2017

She is Just Maxine Waters in a Cowboy Hat

Now that blockbuster revelations have emerged that the Obama regime knew about a huge bribery scam over that Russian uranium deal that went down when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and covered it up, it is time for the media to launch another weapon of mass distraction.  That Sgt. Johnson and his grieving spouse have become pawns in the left’s war on Trump is a testament as to just how vile and embittered that the Democrats have become after their putrid excuse for a candidate lost the election.

Democrats wasted no time in joining with the media to launch yet another smear campaign and of course, a member of the racist Congressional Black Caucus is behind it, Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. Here is a post we did in 2010 "Just When You Thought They Couldn't Get Any Crazier....Along Comes Frederica" when she was first elected.   

Wilson has recently been in the media cheering for Trump’s impeachment and is at the head of the lynch mob for this one and was in the car with the family when Trump allegedly made his “disrespectful remarks” to the widow. With the President saying one thing and the media saying the opposite, it's pretty clear this is a diversion from more damaging stories of  massive Political Corruption on the left. 

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