Wednesday, October 25, 2017

You Suck. Go Away......and Take That Annoying Little Man John McCain With You!

"The anti-Trump media has been treating RINO Senator Jeff Flake as if he is some sort of heroic figure after he announced that he would not be running for reelection next year. The Arizonan made a big deal out of showboating on the Senate floor and delivering a denunciation of Trump’s “McCarthyism” that had the press gushing as if it were the sequel to Jimmy Stewart’s “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. The truth was far simpler than the meme that Flake is a martyr saving America from Trump." - Donn Marten

Image Borrowed Swiped from A Nod To The Gods.

Jeff Flake is spearheading an amnesty bill as his last hurrah. Think about how ridiculous that is. This would be the same Sen. Jeff Flake who cited his immigration views as one reason he doesn’t have a home in the GOP anymore. So of course, let’s put a guy who readily admits he doesn’t represent the GOP on immigration in charge of negotiating a “Dreamer Bill,” being crafted as a response to President Trump’s rescinding of Obama’s (illegal) DACA order.

The proposed E-Verify provision is the only way to actually begin to stop illegal immigration. It stops employers from hiring illegals and discourages illegal immigrants from crossing the border in the first place because they know they won’t be able to work without proper permission. It’s a fair, common sense solution everyone should support. Yet, Repubs didn’t even try to keep it in the bill. No fight, no argument, no give and take. They just punted on it immediately. This is basically like walking into a car dealership, telling the salesman you’ll pay full MSRP, but you want him to throw in a few air fresheners.

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