Monday, November 6, 2017

Anthony Stocks Up on Soap-on-a-Rope And Heads For Federal Prison Today

Anthony Weiner reports to federal prison today. He will start serving about two years for what some dems say he deserves for his stupidity in helping elect Donald Trump, but that’s not the crime he was charged with. Six weeks ago U.S. District Judge Denise Louise Cote sentenced the disgraced 53-year-old shrill, partisan and divisive former congressman to federal prison for 21 to 27 months.

Facing a draconian ten-year sentence if convicted, the once protege of Sen. Chuck Schumer and glib poster boy for progressive Democrats, plea-bargained guilty to one count of  stupendous perviness and transferring obscene material to a minor. At his sentencing, Weiner did not stop crying until the courtroom emptied. Perhaps incarceration is karma for Weiner, who like his hero Schumer is a world class douche-bag, who long championed the overreaching prosecutors and runaway judges of the regulatory state.

Keep em clinched Anthony...........and don't drop the soap. 

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