Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Cult of Liberalism in Action. You Must Conform!

No sooner had men's magazine GQ disgraced itself with its choice of cover heroes again by naming the the left's prince of grievance Colon Kaepernick, “Citizen of the Year”, than women's magazine Marie Claire decided to say “Hold my beer” and offer up this tweet:

Now, I do not follow Taylor Swift, listen to her music and couldn’t pick one of her tunes out of a police lineup. But I know that she is phenomenally successful, and as such the Cult of Liberalism is demanding she throw in with the rest of the celebrity mob on behalf of liberalism, or “explain” why she didn’t.  I think conformity with liberalism is in all of their union contracts. I guess the left thinks if Swift had come out forcefully against Trump (which would give a whole new meaning to Swift-boating), it would have swayed some of those dumb white voters in Wisconsin or something.

Needless to say, this ham-handedness unleashed a glorious torrent of sarcastic abuse directed at Marie Claire and the Cult of the Left. Here's just a sample from the Tweeter:

Beyond this well-deserved mockery is a deeper and more serious lesson, only hinted at by calling liberalism a secular cult. Almost all social phenomena have become politicized, and almost all social problems are assumed to have only political solutions.........where once individuals saw their problems as private and sought private solutions for them, now they seek political solutions. 

[Emily Zanotti]
[Power Line]
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