Tuesday, February 13, 2018

This is Chelsea. Don't Be Like Chelsea.....

The noted Social Scientist, Substance Abuse Researcher, High Ranking Foot-Soldier in the Resistance, Psychic and believed by some to be Comedian, Chelsea Handler, took to the tweeter yesterday to share her latest research on the direction of humanity and our society.

That’s not actually a Darwin quote or even a paraphrasing of his ideas and yet somehow that’s the thing that’s least wrong with this tweet. As you can see Handler says we all need to be brown or gay, or be on board with the brown or gay thing to get on the train to the future, or we are not welcome in her society and will go extinct because we are not equipped to survive like brown & gay people. I think there are about 1.4 Billion or so Chinese that may just have a real problem with her thinking....

"I’m intrigued by Handler’s command that we all need to hop on board this brown & gay thing. How do we do that? I guess people could just become gay, but I was under the impression that homosexuality was inborn and not a choice. While it would be hilarious for Chelsea Handler to try and explain this tweet, it would be infinitely funnier if she actually attempted to do what she’s telling us to do. Who wouldn’t want to see her drunk ass transform into sassy gay Jamaican or a super-butch Puerto Rican dyke? There wouldn’t be anything offensive about that because she’s a woke-ass liberal white elitist that we all know can do no wrong."
This could also all come from a drunkin' stupor, letting loose her secret fantasies of being a Kardashian mud-shark, spittin out little pick-a-ninnies everywhere.......or maybe I’m trying to read to much into this.  After all, with Handler’s substance abuse, crippling emotional distress because of DJT, and liberal lunacy, this could just be her attempt to order a pizza that got away from her.

[The Tweeter]
h/t Dallas Alice

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