Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I Don't Need To Be Preached To About Guns By A Member of the Most Violent Segment of Society

The irony just drips from the recent statement from the president and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Derrick Johnson, a member of the most violent 6 percent of the American population (BLACK MALES) who comment over 50 percent of the murders and a disproportionate amount of violent crimes in this country actually called for confiscation of your guns by the government, leaving law abiding citizen vulnerable to their hate, murder and robbing ways.

Derrick Johnson wrote an op-ed entitled, “Gun Safety is about Freedom,” where he used a mixture of politics and racism to make their point on gun control measures.  He compared the current anxiety students feel when going to school to the circumstances surrounding the black “Little Rock Nine”, students who had to be escorted to their classrooms by federal troops in the 1950s as part of the Brown v. Board of Education desegregation ruling.
“Fear and terror still exist in our children’s classrooms” because of the “National Rifle Association (NRA) and the politicians that support them.”
Johnson, in lockstep with the rest of the ignorant far left, label the NRA a terrorist organization. He believes that passing draconian gun control legislation is a civil rights issue, of course without acknowledging self defense IS A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!

The leftist gun grabbers are calling again for Australian-type gun control measures to be implemented. They do not ever mention the cultural and ethnic differences with America. It did not work well in Australia or Britain and it will not work in the US. An American mandatory gun-confiscation program, in addition to being unconstitutional, would be extraordinarily coercive and almost certainly violent. Perhaps that is something the NAACP wants, but Americans won’t stand for it.

No, Derrick Johnson, the NAACP should STFU and look in the mirror. It's high time you look to reasons black males are the most violent segment of the American populous.  Stop blaming America for your short comings and search for solutions to black males leaving strings of fatherless children and violent youth who settle disagreements by shooting each other and innocent bystanders and children over simple disagreements, and spend your organization's time, money and energy fixing those problems.

The NRA and law abiding gun owners are not the problem in America.  America's problem is your culture, your mentality and your inability to take responsibility for your actions. Maybe the answer is to just disarm the black community and watch the crime and murder rate drop through the floor.  After all, as you said, gun control legislation is a civil rights issue. And I demand my Civil Rights Too!

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