Thursday, April 26, 2018

And The Moonbat Fever Swamp Erupted With a Mighty Din.

He dared to violate the rules of the anti-Trump hive mind by supportive comments of the legitimately elected president. And now he is being brutally scourged by his peers as the whips are loudly cracking to discourage more blacks willing to exercise critical thinking. Not only did the husband of bubble-butt bimbo go rogue, but so did another who tweeted that “black people don’t have to be Democrats” and will surely join him on the gallows. The shadows on the wall are the Democrats and their promises to blacks that are all lip service and only used to keep this crucial demographic in line for the next election. Not only did he commit the unforgivable sin of speaking well of Trump, but he also pointed out that the Teflon-coated bullshit salesman Barack Obama was a phony. Bitch slapping Obama made their heads explode......

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