Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Consideration Being Given to Officially Recognize Crying Babies In The Senate Chamber

The present Congressional Democrats have proven to be useless muttering whiners, obsessed with non- existent scandals instead of addressing serious needs facing the country. They also like to try and move the goal post or change the rules  just for themselves in the middle of the game.

In this latest example, it's pure privileged being showcased. Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth is the ultimate token for the Dems, she's Asian born, a women, and she is a military veteran who lost both of her legs in combat while serving in Iraq. Unfortunately, she is constantly trotted out by the Democrats as a show of how much that they care about the military and the troops.  They don’t. But Duckworth has assumed a key role as the dems attack dog every time the left wants to slam Donald Trump’s lack of service or on issues involving the military, and has been applauded for nicknaming the POTUS “cadet bone spurs”.

According to Politico, Duckworth, who just a few days ago became the first sitting senator to pop out a baby while in office (top that Chuck Schumer) has gone to great lengths calling for the Senate to change the rules and submitted a resolution tailored just for her so that she can bring her newborn onto the Senate floor during votes. It’s cynical as hell to say it, but I will, it's hard to see how the infant isn’t going to be more of a prop to elevate her national profile in the media because Democrats have proven to be very adept at exploiting children for political gain.  There is no way that the Senate won’t vote to allow babies on the floor. Just imagine the amount of fiery social media hell that will be brought down on anyone who dares to say no.

I just hope someone has the balls to ask the good Senator before they vote on the matter why the full senate should take up a resolution that is gender specific and narrowly applied, thus discriminating against the majority of the male Senate body. I also would hope someone would ask why she isn't just taking full advantage of the 'Family and Medical Leave Act' that dems beat everyone over the head to get into law, and stay home and bond with her child like mothers should?

But then again, someone would probably counter by saying the House of Representatives is already recognized as being chalk full of wailing crybabys called progressive democrats.

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