Friday, July 6, 2018

Some Black Women Be All Pissed at Dems For Dissin' Maxine

A group of angry black women and their allies have fired off an angry letter to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the leadership of the DNC and The Black Caucus.  They're ready to take off their hoop earrings and pull off their fake nails. The women are pissed at the Democratic Party because they won't stand up for Maxine Waters after she told supporters to harang, harass and go all ghetto on Trump administration officials wherever they find them. 
"We, the undersigned, write to express our full support for Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who has recently been unjustly attacked by Republicans and Democratic Party leadership for speaking truth to power in challenging the Trump Administration to do the right thing by ending a “Zero Tolerance” immigration policy. 
Further, we write to share our profound indignation and deep disappointment over your recent failure to protect Congresswoman Waters from unwarranted attacks from the Trump Administration and others in the GOP. That failure was further compounded by your decision to unfairly deride her as being “uncivil” and “un-American.” In doing so, we believe this mischaracterizes her call to action for peaceful democratic assembly and the exercise of her constitutional rights to free speech...."
Then putting on their best Al Sharpton suits, the angry group tried to put the fear in  democratic leadership claiming  shit's about to get real. Claiming disrespecting Maxine could cause the collapse of the party with an empty threat that if Pelosi and Schumer don’t kiss Waters’ ass they will abandoned the Democratic Party for good.
"Not supporting Congresswoman Waters hurts the party and threatens to erode an opportunity to continue to grow the Democratic Party with young leaders and voters. For Black women, who are the most loyal base of the Democratic Party and the Progressive Movement, Congresswoman Waters is our shero."
This letter was signed by a hundred or so black women. I did recognize a couple of names, one was Brittney Cooper, who once freaked out because a white man sat next to her on a train. The dead giveaway is the letter is signed by so many males with Reverend before their name. One signer is none other than the shameless race-hustler Al Sharpton himself who I suspect is quietly and unofficially behind it the whole thing............

"In Peach 45"
[Insider DC]

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