Friday, August 17, 2018

I Think We Can All Agree.....Somethin' Just Ain't Right About Those Cuomo Boys

It's bad enough that Cuomo the Younger, Fredo of CNN, almost daily makes a fool of himself by trying to justify liberal this or liberal that, interviewing long lines of Trump Haters or spewing almost sophomoric commentary that makes little sense in the big picture.  But just days after the little one drives the CNN crazy train completely off the rails, not to be out done, Cuomo the Elder, who holds aspirations of being the exalted leader of the free world, has once again shown he has his own problems with his mouth outrunning it's supply lines.

We have all heard Cuomo's remark that "America was never Great". Realizing that Cuomo the Elder had stepped in it big time, his press secretary scrambled to salvage his disastrous utterance by admitting Cuomo was responding directly to the Trump slogan, "Make America Great Again." This slogan inherently recognizes that America has been great and Trump wants to restored to it's economic and political greatness. Cuomo intended to contradict that assumption but didn't say that America used to be great but has fallen and that we need to restore it. Cuomo was quite clear. In his view and that of so many on the left, America has never been that great. Sadly, in the leftist worldview, it will never be that great. No matter how many reforms are implemented, no matter how much blood is spilled, no matter how many constitutional amendments are ratified to extend legal equality and equal opportunity to all Americans, it will never be enough for the left.

For the Cuomo boys and their friends on the  left, the discontentment about America isn't just or even mostly about the plight of minorities. It is about America's founding principles.

Say what you will of the father of these two Cuomo boys, the proud traditional northeast liberal and son of immigrants himself, three term Governor of NY, Mario Cuomo, who I suspect would have a lot to say to these two, raised in privilege, and with all the greatness America made available to them who now defend violence in the streets and spew a poisonous litany against their country.

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