Wednesday, September 5, 2018

You Couldn’t Script a More Media Ready Example of 'Fictional Resistance Porn'

Bob Woodward's new book "FEAR" is the latest in a series of questionable insider tell-alls about DJT's tumultuous first year in office following on the heels of the unindicted perjurer James Comey’s "A Higher Loyalty" and journalist author hack writer Michael Wolff’s mostly unsourced flight of fantasy / hit-job "Fire and Fury." It's been labeled perfectly as"Fictional Resistance Porn." After a day watching members of the media clutching their pearls over Woodward’s new book, I’m convinced that the more salacious details are not culled from 'deep-background', but sounds more like fiction manufactured by career deadbeats who have "worked in the White House” probably as far back as the Clinton years.

I’m working from memory here…
  • People around Trump routinely snatch papers off his desk because if he sees those papers then he’ll likely start a nuclear war. Or just start enslaving people indiscriminately. Or maybe both.
  • Everyone who works at the White House hates Trump in every way.
  • Everyone who works at the White House is convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that Trump is literally insane.
  • Everyone who works at the White House thinks that if they don’t stick around, then Trump will start a nuclear war. Or just start enslaving people indiscriminately. Or maybe both.
  • Trump loves mocking people from the South, and even uses a Southern accent just to be a total asshole about it.
  • His lawyers had to draw pictures for him to understand what perjury means, and then went on bended knee and begged Mueller not to question him out of pity for his inability to tell the truth.
The vast majority of the allegations, certainly the ones outlined above probably all came from one or two people who likely have little to no actual proximity to DJT, or his closest aides. They are likely holdovers who technically “work in the White House” and felt it their duty to provide Woodward with the type of salacious detail that would paint the President in the worst possible light. The details, the quotes,  all perfectly tuned to make President Trump look and sound ridiculous, needle and annoy him with surgical precision, and provide fuel for the rabid resistance.

And now we learn there is supposedly someone in a high position who claims they're sabotaging the White House from the inside. The New York Times is so giddy they have broken their own rules and have allowed an anonymous editorial. But first, remember that all democrats and liberals lie to forward their agenda. So it really doesn’t matter what is says, consider it a lie on its face until proven otherwise. Secondly, the NYT thinks this will be a nail in the coffin of Trump, but they fail to recognize that a coward hiding behind a newspaper has exactly zero credibility.

If you can remain anonymous, one can say just about anything. Just like my sources at Simon & Schuster that shall remain unnamed, tell me people there make fun of the way Bob Woodward talks like he has brain damage, and that he likes to eat boogers.......and he prefers other people's to his own.

(Daily Beast)
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