Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Congressman's Brilliant Video Compares “Green New Deal” To The Legendary Disastrous Fyre Festival

The left has never really learned how to meme, they're so caught up in anger. We on the right just see the world through a different set of lenses, and the results can sometimes be absolutely brilliant. Case in point, a video comparing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” to the now legendary fraud, The Fyre Festival.

For those not familiar with the Fyre Festival, it can be summed up as a brilliantly marketed scam that promised millennials the concert event of a lifetime, filled with models, private islands, five-star foods, and all the things that would make your Instagram quiver.

The promo itself was a marvel to behold

It turned out to be a poorly planned, poorly executed disaster that screwed over attendees, workers, and more. Instead of five-star meals, attendees were treated to cheese slices and sandwich bread. Instead of villas and high-class tents, they were treated to a camp with FEMA tents. The Fyre Festival has now become a leading symbol of overpromises that lead to disaster. So it was inevitable that the Green New Deal was going to be mentioned in the same breath.

Enter Rep. Mark Walker, vice-chair of the House GOP. Instead of simply making the comparison, Walker recreated the famous promo video and reworked it so it referenced AOC’s greatest joke on the people. “After the success of the Fyre Festival, we bring you the Green New Deal,” tweeted Walker, adding the hashtag “GND is Fyre.

A Savage Burn, and Brilliant Troll!

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