Thursday, February 21, 2019

It's Official.....

Jussie and Sister Jurnee. 

The way in which he did it is worse than the hoax itself, IMHO: to attempt to throw dynamite on a bonfire of the Democrat-Left-Media complex's own making, which is the disgusting blood libel of America as an unjust, racist nation with its illegitimately-elected President hoping to restore and revive the injustice and racism that undergirded its illegitimate founding. Interesting to note how the Chicago Police looked at this because of the nature of Chicago ethnic-driven politics combined with the fear of the city turning into the next Ferguson, MO.

The whole thing was so patently fraudulent and ineptly executed, to the extent that the closed circuit security camera that Smollett thought would capture the incident was pointed in the wrong direction. And that there is a massive bullet that was dodged. Even with the confirmation of this as a hoax, that video would no doubt have joined the pantheon of racialist fraud memes alongside "Hands-Up-Don't-Shoot!," "I Can't Breathe!" and the innocent-as-the-day-he-was-born graduation photo of Trayvon Martin (not the one of him flashing Flava-Flav dentures and gang hand signs). - J.J. Sefton

The media . . . they go along with things like this in their publish-or-perish, never-let-a-rumor-go-to-waste, the-bigger-the-lie,-the-easier-it-is-to-sell total abandonment of their own journalistic standards. Their problem is that they so desperately WANT the Smollett claims and Kavanaugh rumors and Phillips accusations to be true so they can discredit Trump that they attack his supporters just because of their hats.

Smollett and his fake hate-crime report took overworked detectives away from real cases in Chicago, one of the country’s most crime-ridden cities with severely undermanned police forces. What happened to ABC and NBC and Robin Roberts and several US senators who wannabe PotUS, along with the Speaker of the House and so many others is that they got manipulated because they’re so desperate to discredit Trump that they’ll jump on any bandwagon that happens by, and if they can’t get him personally because of lack of evidence of collusion or misogyny or racism, they’ll go after people who voted for or support him by wearing MAGA hats.

They could TASTE the sweet, intoxicating vengeance in redirecting blame to DJT for the “hate crime” against the innocent black sweetheart victim. It wasn’t so much that they wanted it to be true; they NEEDED it to be true after the Covington kids’ fiasco and the Mueller collusion collapse.

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