Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Not Afraid To Crush Your Silly Progressive Dreams, Amy Klobuchar Solidifies Her Also Ran Status With First Town Hall

As the 2020 Democrat primary race begins to heats up, the proglodytes are jumpin' out of the trees. No social position is too radical as candidates try to one-up the competition and out-progressive each other. It also means that no federal program is too expensive, and no tax hike is too high. The Democrats have basically become the party of “free stuff” as they promise to cover the cost of your life from the cradle to the grave. It’s what you’re supposed to be offering.

Apparently, no one got the memo to Lady Senator Amy Klobuchar. CNN was nice enough to throw a coming out party for the Lady Senator in the form of a Town Hall Meetin' hosted by the Stupidest Man in Cable News, Don Lemon. At one point, Senator Amy made it clear that as your president she has no intention of giving young liberals types four free years of higher education. She said she's not “a magic genie,” so they’re out of luck.

Demanding a yes or no answer, a college student asked Senator Amy if she would be willing to stand with their generation and end the student debt crisis by supporting free college for all, even asking if she'd include undocumented illegal aliens and ex-convicts in the program. Klobuchar basically told him she's not on board with free college for future Starbucks baristas. He didn't state what he actually studied and why it was so expensive. That would have been helpful data, since most people are tired of  hearing liberals say they want hard working families to pay more taxes so whiny snots can major in interpretative dance. 

Don Lemon pressed the point that on a college campus she would probably be facing a lot of similar inquiries from kids who are all in for this free stuff her opponents are offering. Klobuchar responded that "major tax reforms are needed in terms of reversing some of the things that this administration has done, and then some of it is making sure that students are getting degrees and being led to jobs where we actually still have jobs.”

I’m going to skip the usual point about Dems who ignore Obama’s massive debt hike. I’m also not going to get into the fact that she’s complaining about jobs, when Trump’s policies have, unarguably,  been responsible for the most extraordinary job growth America has seen in a long time. Instead, I’m just going to say, kudos to Senator Amy. She’s probably alienated much of the left-wingers, she’s angered young socialists and, by refusing to promise all those free goodies we've been hearing about, she’s probably doomed her already slim chance of success. But at least she answered honestly…

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