Sunday, March 31, 2019

Swanson McNear Carlson and the CNN Doughnut Caper

It’s been a pretty rough week for CNN following the revelation that sainted Special Counsel Robert “Bob” Mueller cleared President Trump of colluding with the Russkies. But few have taken it harder than the obese little clown Brian Stelter, host of the ironically named "Reliable Sources".

Stelter has been helping push the conspiracy theories that Trump was in cahoots with the Kremlin and that Hillary would have never lost were it not for Putin, and following the collapse of the mother of all shit soufflĂ©’s the host unleashed a deranged and bitter tirade defending the fake news media. The chubby employee of the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” also has a bug up his ass because of what some believe is a cruel trick played on him by his nemesis, Fox’s Tucker Carlson who stands accused of “fat shaming” Lil’ Jeff Zucker:
On Friday, Carlson’s own Daily Caller website reported that the Fox News personality had sent an unsolicited box of doughnuts to CNN media correspondent and “Reliable Sources” host Stelter, a frequent critic of Carlson who recently said, “I just want Fox News to be a healthy part of the media ecosystem.” 
Now pals of Carlson tell Page Six that Carlson — who just last week nicknamed Stelter CNN’s “house eunuch … announcing proclamations from his tiny king [CNN president] Jeff Zucker” — will dispatch another box of Dunkin’ Donuts’ finest confections to Stelter next week. 
It’s not quite clear what has prompted Carlson to mess with Stelter at this particular moment.  Some sources guess that it’s over a fake story that Stelter wrote all the way back in November that suggested Carlson may have overstated the risk posed to his family by a protest at his home.
The report does not indicate whether Stelter has been eating the donuts. We have our own suspicions. 

(Page Six)

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