Friday, April 19, 2019

Adam Schiff Pivots From Collusion Truther to Cranky Crybaby

Despite the fact Special Counsel Mueller debunked it and concluded that there is no provable evidence of collusion, Adam Schiff is desperately clinging to the Russia collusion delusion. And now Schiff has pivoted, saying that even if President Trump hasn’t committed any crimes, he should still be condemned because the Shitweasel just doesn’t like him.
“Whether these acts are criminal or not — whether the obstruction of justice was criminal or not — or whether these contacts were sufficiently illicit to rise to the level of a criminal conspiracy, they are unquestionably dishonest, unethical, immoral and unpatriotic. And should be condemned by every American. And that is how I think we should view the Mueller report.”
Schiff has repeatedly claimed that he has some secret evidence proving that Trump colluded with Russia and obstructed justice, but has never coughed up this supposed secret “evidence.” I suspect that with Bullethead's, Nadler's and Schiff's House committee's  'Russia, Russia Russia' investigations in full swing, the newest television 'Shitweasel Tour' is sure to start back up bright and early Monday morning.

Long before Trump's election, the Russians' goal was to create chaos in our electoral process. As long the democracts keep this political witchhunt going the more they help the Russians reach their goal. They are laughing at what the dems are doing to the US, something Russia couldn't have done on their own.....

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