Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Pray Tell Joe. Which Is It? BullS**t Biden or Gaslight Joe?

Former Two Term Assassination Insurance Policy for Barack Obama, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

We’ve all had the word burned into our minds almost since the day Donald Trump announced his run for President. “Collusion.” It was the grease for the most egregious example of fake news of our time. And we've all heard the word "gaslighting", a tactic of people who try to control others through manipulation, often accusing others of behaviors that they are engaged in themselves.

And while DJT never ‘colluded’ with Russia or anyone other than hard working Americans, it looks as if it's Joe Biden running smack into hard, admitted collusion with foreign leaders. But he’s keeping WHO a secret.

Consider Biden’s recent boast, as reported in Politico, that "I get calls from people all over the world — world leaders are calling me — and they’re almost begging me to do this, to save the country, save the world." Level with us 'Lunchbucket Joe', Who are they? What foreigners are attempting to influence our election and direction of our policy? Umm Joe.

What foreign leaders don’t like a tougher America on trade, and against terrorism and against our avowed enemies? Who was it Joe, Sounds like maybe Russia? China? Iran? North Korea? ISIS? Any of these, Joe? These are the countries and terror groups who most want to reverse course to the Obama 'easy on our enemies' policies. Who wants America to again be weak? To again ignore terror organizations? To again ignore nuclear weapons and ICBM development in rogue states? To finally eliminate America’s borders? To betray our enemies and befriend our sworn enemies? To offer encouragement and a blind eye to gangs and state actors who smuggle into America all the drugs, weapons and terrorists they can? Who’s colluding, Joe?

This, after John Kerry met with Iranian dictators, advising them to ‘wait out’ President Trump at which time their worldwide reign of terror and nuclear weapons could resume at warp speed. Joe, are you colluding with the likes of a John Kerry and the butchers in Tehran? With Hillary and her friends in Russia?

Pray Tell Joe, who are these world leaders that begged you to run for president.

It seems that Biden, not silent in the relentless and fake-news attacks on the president of the United States, is not silent in his crying wolf that Trump, not himself is the colluder, and fits the definition of “accusing you of behaviors that they are engaged in themselves."

"Lunchbucket Joe?" Or maybe "Colluding Joe" or "Gaslight Joe." Take your pick.

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