Thursday, June 6, 2019

Bill de Bolshevik & NYPD Round Up Notorious Lawbreakers

Bill de Bolshevik and the NYPD have diverted important resources to began a crackdown on one of NYC's notorious lawbreakers. America's largest city has begun rounding up human traffickers  illegal alienstreet corner drug dealers NYC's Ice Cream Vendor trucks. The crackdown, called "Operation Meltdown," is on a group of individuals operating companies that didn't pay parking violations for nearly a decade, according to an announcement by the mayor's office Wednesday. Freaking Ice Cream Trucks!!
“No New Yorker is above the law — especially those who try to ignore public safety laws and create dangerous situations for pedestrians, bikers and drivers.“For years, these owners have ignored public safety laws and have driven dangerously in one of the busiest areas of the City. This seizure marks the end of the road for these scofflaw ice cream vendors. ” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.
The city began seizing 46 ice cream trucks Wednesday. The trucks allegedly parked near fire hydrants and blocked pedestrian walkways, according to the city's complaint filed last week. Ice cream trucks tend to stop when there are customers. The group targeted allegedly accrued 22,000 summonses for parking violations between 2009 and 2017, according to the city. Many of the violations cause dangerous situations throughout busy Midtown blocks, according to a copy of the city's complaint filed last week. I guess going after the millions owed in parking fines around the United Nation's building is too much of a bother. 

But just in time for another hot summer in NYC, they must not allow free range Ice Cream vendors to roam, they just might bring a smile to hot child's face, or accidentally run over an illegal alien......

(The Hill)

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