Monday, July 1, 2019

Violence and Intolerance: Gay Pride and Rabid Puppies

While the gays pranced through the streets with their perverted pride parades and protests, some taking time to vandalize Chick-Fil-A, what’s interesting about this weekends Portlandagrad's Antifa’s mob assault of the journalist Andy Ngo isn’t that an organization's premised on recreational thuggery has once again indulged in recreational thuggery. That’s why it exists. What’s interesting is that so many left-leaning journalists have in the past been so eager to excuse or diminish this kind of thuggery and to frame others either as the aggressor or deserving of assault by people with borderline personality disorders.

The implication being that in this case, the poor put-upon Antifa goons, who are all terribly oppressed, felt threatened by the presence of the unimposing Mr. Ngo, and therefore retaliated (albeit pre-emptively) by jumping him from behind, robbing him, and putting him to the jackboot.

The not-at-all-sociopathic world of brass-knuckles and cement milkshakes of Antifa:
“Are you willing to die for YouTube shit? That’s what’s gonna come, man. Death is coming to you, dude. Real shit. Feel that energy? That’s why your heart’s pounding.” 
“You’re inherently violent,” screams an unhinged blue-and-purple-haired woman while repeatedly spitting on people and trying to punch them in the face. 
“Open the borders,” shout the masked bedlamites, while shutting down the pavements and restricting the movement of anyone they suspect of being insufficiently woke and deferential. “Say it loud, say it clear,” they chant. “Refugees are welcome here.” 
All while harassing the gay son of Vietnamese refugees whose home and business were confiscated by communists before being sent to a corrective labor camp, and whom they denounce as “racist, sexist, anti-gay,” and, of course, a “Nazi.”

Left-leaning journalists, commentators and noted Tweeter lefties, our self-imagined betters who tie themselves in rhetorical knots in order to diminish Antifa's assaults on observers and random strangers, often using the words “provocateur” and “antagonist.” Presumably on the basis that if you quietly film acts of mob thuggery by masked leftists, then clearly you deserve an ass-kicking and a stay in hospital. According to a sleazy American muslim Slate contributor, Mr Ngo “created an atmosphere of violence.” It bears repeating that these are not otherwise ordinary people who happen to be misinformed and making bad decisions, let alone heroes struggling bravely under enormous societal duress. There is no argument, no obvious contradiction that would be likely to change their minds or moderate their behavior. They, and their enablers, need to be dealt with with the full force and extent of domestic terrorist laws. 

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