Thursday, August 1, 2019

Julio Julio, You're ‘Freaking Everybody Out’

Julian Castro and Stunt Double Joaquin 

NB - One of the great things about the Democratic primary debates so far, is how they so clearly expose the radical nature of today’s Democratic Party. That fact wasn’t lost on CNN following the second debate as they grilled former HUD Secretary Julian Castro; urging him to find another way to campaign on immigration and not call for “decriminalizing” illegal border crossings, a.k.a. “open borders.”

CNN’s struggle with Castro was perfectly encapsulated in the back and forth between the candidate and commentator Van Jones, who urged for another solution because the current proposal was “freaking everybody out”: “I mean, is there some other answer, man? Cause, your answer has got the right motivation to try to protect those kids. But it seems like it’s causing political problems,” Jones whined.

Chief political analyst Gloria Borger cautioned Castro Trump would attack his plan if he was nominated. "You’ll be running against Donald Trump, who wants to build a wall. And they can say about you: open borders. Open borders. All you want to do is open borders.  How do you respond to that quickly and say, ‘I really don't want to have open borders’ when you want to decriminalize?"

After Castro argued that any suggestion he was in favor of open borders was an untrue Republican talking point, senior political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson countered by pointing to a former Obama administration official who felt the same way:  "You said it's a right-wing Republican talking point. But it's also Jeh Johnson’s talking point the DHS secretary wrote where he said your plan to decriminalize the immigrants crossing into the border illegally; he said It was essentially open borders. So, it isn't a Republican talking point."


It's very telling that Democrats in the Media are beginning to freaking out that their slate of candidates are so open and brazenly campaigning for such radical things like open borders and free healthcare for the entire western hemisphere's poor population that will overrun the borders, and that will most certainly cost them another election. They themselves helped create this monster.  Carry On!

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