Monday, March 30, 2020

Joe Biden's “Wayne’s World” Campaign

Saturday Night Live, back when it was actually funny, once had a running sketch called “Wayne's World” portraying two metal-head fans broadcasting on a local access television station from Wayne's mom's basement. That is precisely where the Biden campaign is right now, confined to his basement and broadcasting to empty airport lounges with makeup overdosed CNN anchors.  He occasionally rises from his hole to appear on a podcast, a town halls, or stumble through a pathetic “shadow briefings” teleprompter reading to counter daily White House coronavirus briefings.

While the White House briefings have gone on unimpeded every day, the “shadow briefings” seem to have gone AWOL. Then again when you attract 2,800 viewers- which is probably less households reached by the mythical Wayne and Garth basement extravaganza, perhaps it is good that his handlers decided against any more torture.  And ol' Joe is very much uncomfortable with the situation because he is a politician built for another time. He can hire all the tech-savvy people he wants so that he could get his message out, but there is only so much one can do with those tools. The tools in the wrong hands results in disaster, and we are seeing that with Biden.

At this point, Joe appears to be the most pitiful candidate for President ever. In his last CNN town hall, he managed to pull in about 1.15 million viewers according to Neilsen Ratings.
Conversely, DJT's town hall regarding coronavirus on Fox News brought in 4.2 million viewers. While Biden was finishing third in his time slot’s rating, Trump brought in the largest audience ever for such an event. I venture a half of those 1.15 million tuned in just for a laugh. I know I did before boredom set in and that documentary on the Donner party on the Weather Channel was infinitely more interesting.

Watching Joe bumble through his Wayne’s World candidacy thus far has convinced many that Biden will be either dead or in a nursing home before his term is completed.

Behind the Scenes At Biden's Basement - Earl Done This 



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