Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Coronavirus Hasn't Slowed the Sewage From the Ivory Towers

The Wistful Utopian Centrist Thomas Friedman

If you happen to have perused the latest dreadful exercise by NYTs Thomas Friedman in drunk revisionist history, magical thinking, and radical 'both siderist' idiocy seems vaguely familiar to you, it should.  Because it is virtually identical to the drunk revisionist, magical thinking, radically idiotic "OMFG Democrats Should Do National Unity" column that Friedman wrote just before Michael Bloomberg's campaign and his $500 mil. went in the woodchipper.

Friedman, bless his heart, has a long-time, brainsick fetish for solving all nation's problems by waving a wand and creating a Magical Centrist Third Party. With 'Bernie the Red' all but out of the way, Friedman is now suggesting that at the 2020 Democrat National Convention that the nation's coming savior, Joe Biden, name a “national unity cabinet” to signal an end to the bad old “hyperpartisanship” of the previous era.

From his Ivory Tower of privilege and political infantilism, Friedman pleads for a “political system to mirror the best in us rather than to continue to exacerbate the worst,” which presumably means parking your political party, your ideology, and perhaps your values at the door and pitching in to the common cause of having a common cause.

He wishfully dreams the Democrat Party, a political cult which has openly declared war on everything America believes in, a party of bigots and imbeciles which has been going very publicly insane for the past 40 years,  rotten from top to bottom and has shown over and over again that the minute it gets its filthy paws on any political power whatsoever it will unhesitatingly use that power to damage the country,  should actually share power in the nation saving Biden administration with a renewed Trumpless Republican party.

[insert laugh track here]
Friedman even included 20 suggestions for Biden's fantasy Cabinet, my favorite feature being that it would place Alexandria Ocashew-Cortex at the U.N. as our ambassador, reporting to Mitt Romney as secretary of State. That should be a fun partnership. Even among the Democrats, there are some strange configurations, like Wall Street’s own Mike Bloomberg at Treasury cheek to jowl with Lizzy Warren as Czarina of oversight for the trillions of dollars in emergency coronavirus spending. What could go wrong...

For some reason people like Friedman struggle to understand or accept that partisan polarization is in no small part attributable to genuine ingrained differences of opinion over economics, the role of government, the legal system, America’s place in the word, and yes, culture. Culture Mr. Friedman. One you've turned your back on from the relative safety of your Ivory Tower.

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