Sunday, May 24, 2020

In Light of Being the Presumptive Democrat Nominee, We Look Back at the Continuing Adventures of Tail Sniffer Joe

Navy Specialist ready Vice President Joe Biden for a portion of cake and ice
 cream at First Lady Michelle Obama's White House Birthday celebration
 Tuesday Night.
 Biden wowed the guest by besting his record of eating 19 wax
 candles from the cake, three more than last year.

Soon to be released from captivity to take on DJT in political battle for office of the leader of the free world, we take a moment before the sacred observance of Memorial Day to say a few FINAL nice words about the public service of the man who would be President, former VP and Court Jester of the Obama Administration, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., with a small taste of archival material from the drank archives of DMF. 


Joseph R. Biden Railroad Station Christened
A Slice Of Life With Tailsniffer Joe…
On the Road with Joe Biden
Joe Biden's Secret Mission
The Single Most Interesting WikiLeaks Email Release Yet

Could Biden Prove to be a Problem Inauguration Day
Joe Biden Does Chile
Joe May Be Absent for a Little While......
Joe Biden Takes Flying Lessons
The Secret is Out: Joe Biden's New Book


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