Thursday, May 14, 2020

Since When Did CNN Become a Satire Site??

CNN wants you to know that CNN took a poll, and according to that CNN poll people trust CNN more than anyone CNN says.

According to RedState, CNN is so proud of the fact that they decided to air the CNN poll on CNN, and then CNN host Lil' Tater Stelter tweeted it out because if anyone should report on how loved CNN is, it’s CNN.

This is like someone being their own character witness. Any and all claims should be taken with a grain of salt because it’s pretty well understood that no one is going to speak ill of themselves, especially if there’s money on the line. Hilariously, this seems to go over the heads of CNN, including Stelter who actually did tweet the poll results out after they aired on his network, which according to CNN is trusted by 55 percent of America. (enter laugh track here)

(Full Disclosure: Your beloved Editrix also took a poll and found I was the most captivating, alluring and fetching blogger in the surrounding 6 acres by a 99 percentage rate (margin of error +/-50 %)

Keep in mind that this is the same network that just tried to hide its own poll released on Tuesday that showed President Donald Trump was winning against Biden in battleground states. “Striking [numbers] about trusted sources…,” tweeted Stelter, with what I assume was a straight face.

It’s also the same network that attempted to sell the idea that host Chris Cuomo dramatically came out of quarantine after overcoming COVID-19 despite the fact that he actually had come out previously to travel to his property in a different part of New York where he got into an altercation with a man on a bicycle. This is the same Cuomo that later called people who leave their homes during a pandemic “fools.”

It’s the same Network that couldn’t help but have disgraced porn lawyer Michael Avenatti on to discuss Trump 74 times in the span of 10 weeks and is now hosting a Coronavirus townhall that features environmentalist mascot, that little weird kid Greta Thunberg. What expertise she has on the virus hasn’t been explained.

All this to point out that CNN is a joke network with joke reports, and the network reporting that it’s the most trusted name in news, especially on COVID-19 reporting, is like a con-artist telling you the latest iPhone he’s selling is legitimate. You’re going to wind up with less than when you started thanks to the interaction.It should be understood that when it comes to news sources. Fox News and even conspiracy central, NBC News Ugly Step-sister MSNBC, consistently trounces CNN by millions while CNN can hardly place in the top 20 in terms of shows.  

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