Friday, May 29, 2020

Well, I Think We Know Who WILL NOT Be Biden's VP Choice

Senator Lady Amy Klobs (D-Minn)

George Floyd's death in police custody is renewing criticism of Sen. Amy Klobuchar's prosecutorial record. Before she became a senator and a top contender for Joe Biden's vice presidential spot, Klobuchar spent eight years as the Hennepin County attorney, in charge of prosecution for Minneapolis. And while in that position, she declined to prosecute multiple police officers cited for excessive force, including the same officer seen kneeling on Floyd's neck as he protested.

Ex-Minneapolis police officer Derick Chauvin saw at least 10 conduct complaints during his 19-year tenure before he was fired Tuesday, according to a database that documents complaints against police.  As The Washington Post noted in March, Klobuchar "declined to bring charges in more than two dozen cases in which people were killed in encounters with police" as Hennepin County attorney.  Instead, she "aggressively prosecuted smaller offenses" that "have been criticized for their disproportionate effect on poor and minority communities." And as the Viking Snow Princess undergoes vetting to become a possible VP candidate, that track record is being scrutinized again with a fine tooth comb fork.


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