Monday, June 1, 2020

Progressive Newspaper Editrix Celebrated Protesters - Then the Chickens Come Home to Roost

A news editor for a small, independent leftist rag was in support of the protests-turned-riots, until they broke into the paper's office and had their way and she had to take cover in the basement. Leigh Tauss, an editor for the progressive news outlet Indy Week in North Carolina, was stunned to find that the protesters-turned-rioters did not look favorably upon her business when they swept the area.

She tweeted out on Saturday, saying "the crowd is extremely peaceful and groups and many are wearing masks and trying to keep distance."It was only a few short hours later that Tauss tweeted again about the protests. This time her tone was difference.
"I went into the hallway. I heard someone l enter the office and what sounded like smashing inside. We are a small newspaper with a handful of desktops. I’m now hiding in the basement." — Leigh of House (@LeighTauss) May 31, 2020.
And then on Sunday morning, Tauss posted what had become of her office at the hands of the rioters 
Sounding like an rank amateur William Shire reporting of Brownshirt violence from Berlin in 1939....... 
“Who the fuck is next?” A protester shouts. “Your daughter? Your grandma? That’s why we out here.” #raleigh — Leigh of House (@LeighTauss) June 1, 2020 
It’s midnight. The protesters have spread out throughout downtown, evading the cops. Some are going around smashing windows and lighting fires #raleigh — Leigh of House (@LeighTauss) June 1, 2020 
Not sure why, but dozens of officers just charged at the few remaining protesters. Smoke bombs and fireworks go off in the street #Raleigh — Leigh of House (@LeighTauss) June 1, 2020
That last tweet should tell you all you need to know about this leftist bint. And it looks like her little paper is not were *woke* enough for those super-righteous anarchists.
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