Tuesday, July 14, 2020

“A” must be made to be “Not A.”

We the People are currently awash in insanity. Nothing makes sense. No one is behaving rationally. And it's because the Left is currently running things. They have been rapidly advancing, and almost no one is doing anything to stop them.

Thus we are currently living on the inner edge of the Left’s Anti-Reality. They're showing us how they wish the world to be, rather than how the world actually is. The Left’s Anti-Reality is a nauseating and infuriating place. The Left loathes Reality because it is antithetical to their perverse worldview.  Every night now their army of mouth breathers with their codswallop of fascist street tactics and mob intimidation, cultist chantings and racial propaganda rise up from their cramped dystopian studio apartments and take to the streets.

Nothing in which the Left believes works in Reality. Humans don’t naturally behave the way the Left thinks they should. Thoughtful humans make Reality, which is why the Left spent the 20th Century murdering a 100 million of us, trying to get us to comport to their way of (not) thinking. The Left can’t fit Reality’s square peg into their round hole. So lots and LOTS of hammering is attempted.

The Left is inherently totalitarian, because the Left has to be totalitarian because we humans won’t voluntarily comply. So all will have to be made to comply.  Sanity isn’t safe. History isn’t safe. No one or nothing normal is safe. “A” must be made to be “Not A.”

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