Sunday, September 27, 2020

Guest Post- Uncle Al: “Coulter’s Worth”

by Everyone's Favorite Uncle @IOTWReport

Disliking Ann Coulter for good reason fortunately doesn’t prevent me from acknowledging her abilities and appreciating those pieces of hers where her writing and analysis skills overcome her character flaws.

I just read a column of hers published a few days ago at Taki’s Magazine about the sad and infuriating story of Omaha bar owner Jake Gardner, an Iraq War veteran and Trump supporter. He’s the man who was attacked by BLM thugs, and while in a choke hold fired his pistol over his back and killed his assailant. Omaha’s elected DA, the DA’s assistant, and of the police homicide detectives studied the many video recordings of the event and unanimously concluded that the shooting was legitimate self defense.

Of course, that couldn’t stand. A “special prosecutor” was brought in, murder and “terroristic threat” charges filed, and Gardner was arrested. Gardner’s landlord (Jake owned two bars) evicted him. Coulter says of Gardner’s friends’ attempt to set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for competent legal representation
“GoFundMe’s response? They immediately and repeatedly took down the page, based on their clearly stated policy: We don’t like you. Here’s a thought, GoFundMe: Guaranteeing a fair trial for an individual accused of a crime isn’t the same as defending the thing he’s accused of. That’s the whole point: Gardner wanted to prove that he was innocent. Nope! No fair trial, no fair press, no livelihood, no GoFundMe. No chance.”
As we now know, the innocent and overwhelmed Jake Gardner then killed himself.

Coulter makes some stark observations at the end of this piece. 

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