Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Imagining Themselves Our Saviors, The Left Preps for Civil War.

Leftist sees Donald Trump as a potential dictator and they fear his re-election as the biggest catastrophe that could ever befall America Them.  So, romantically imagining themselves as freedom fighters, they are preparing to fight.

According to the Daily Beast, a group of leftist organizations met on Zoom to make post-election plans.
Over the course of two hours, participants broached the question of what the progressive political ecosystem can functionally do in a series of election scenarios. They began charting out what it would take to stand up a multi-state communications arm to fight disinformation, a training program for nonviolent civil disobedience, and the underpinnings of what one official described as mass public unrest. 
They poured over a report from the Transition Integrity Project, a bipartisan group formed in 2019, that analyzed various election season scenarios and made clear the type of ratfu**ery, corruption, and chaos that potentially was ahead. "The potential for violent conflict is high."
The connecting thread in this argument is that the radical right is armed and wants to kill them - blacks, Jews, their political opponents. There are practical problems in starting a war and the radical groups pondered their alternatives.
Some of the hurdles were straightforward: how you “occupy s**t, hold space, and shut things down, not just on Election Day but for weeks,” explained one source familiar with the Democracy Defense Nerve Center operations.  
"It is very obvious that Trump is laying the groundwork for claiming victory no matter what," said Rahna Epting, executive director of MoveOn. "At the end of the day believe in our democracy and we will fight to protect it from what we truly see as a president who has gone off the rails and taking this country down an authoritarian fascist path."
Shutting things down for a couple of weeks and occupying shit would be an invitation to war.  Civic order is breaking down and, like in 1860, Americans on opposing sides are seeing an enemy across from them and not a fellow countryman.

I Give You the Antifa Special (and I do mean special) Forces

Here we have a fine unit of leftist warriors prepared to battle those Nazi gun toting conservatives: From left to right we have Sam 'No Soul' running the shotgun (probably bird shot) 6-8 rounds, nothing else on his person. Next we have 'Tupac Shaqueer' with his "Glock Forty" EXTENDO CLIP! Then we have 'LEGOLAS' that stole a compound bow from one of his moms many suitors.........armed with 3 field tipped arrows. He always hits his mark. He wears no shoes to keep completely silent! He wears a flack jacket just encase (not that it would stop a round). Then we have 'Dread Lock the Deadshot' with his Magpul P40. He fires round after round at the Nazis. His NC Star scope was damaged and bent down in the last war! Its said he now only point & shoots.

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