Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Paul Krugman Goes Full Paul Krugman in Election Day Conspiracy Theory

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Excerpts from Sister Toldjah @RS

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is prone to pushing far-out conspiracy theories, theories that were no doubt pulled from the murky pits of the leftist fever swamps he visits on those rare occasions he feels the need to venture out of the NYC bubble in which he currently resides.

He has, without evidence, floated absurd fact-free theories about DJT.  Consumed with TDS, his favorite conspiracy theories of all seems to be the ones where he envisions Trump “stealing” the election. He’s written numerous Twitter threads detailing how he thinks things will play out, and a few columns about it, too.

The latest example of the TDS consuming Krugman beyond all hope came today when declared that dark days were ahead for America, not thanks to the left-wing Antifa/BLM-led riots that are happening in Democrat-run cities like his, not thanks to the unhinged leftists who are threatening to “burn the country down” in the aftermath of RBG’s death, but thanks to Trump and Republicans, who he claims will take drastic measures if the election doesn’t go their way.

from a twitter thread unroll:
"I wonder how many people are ready for just how bad the next six weeks plus are going to be. This is going to be the most dangerous election since 1860, with substantial odds that America as we know it will be damaged or even destroyed. /1   Trump's campaign strategy is to brazen it out with obvious lies: the virus isn't a threat, we have a vaccine, the economy is booming, violent mobs are roaming the streets of New York. Many people will believe him./2   Even so, it probably — probably — won't be enough. He's behind in the polls, and the two most cited models give him a 15-23 percent chance of winning. 3/   There is, however, a near-zero percent chance that he'll accept the result if he loses. He'll try to stop counting of absentee ballots, claim massive fraud, and probably try to get the Supreme Court to overturn the result. 4/   Expect violence from Trump supporters, maybe lots of it, both to disrupt voting on Election Day and in the days that follow. Is this overheated? So far Trump and his party have borne out every prediction by pessimists and made fools of optimists. 5/   If you aren't terrified, you aren't paying attention. But terror isn't productive; you should be asking what you personally can do to save democracy, which is very much under threat." 6/ 
Expect violence from Trump supporters“?? 
Like most of our “intellectual betters” on the left, Krugman has once again demonstrated that he lives in a bubble of complete cluelessness and obliviousness to the rotten things going on all around him, all perpetrated by extremists on his side of the aisle.

In reality, what’s really “terrifying” here is that Krugman and his ilk can’t see the forest for the trees. He is feeding directly into the dangerous and false Election Day narratives being weaved by Democrats and other media figures like him who four years later have still not accepted the results of the last presidential election.

If there is any post-election day violence, it will most assuredly be plotted and coordinated by some of the same repugnant slugs on the radical left who have orchestrated what has played out in cities like Portland and Seattle, and one of the people we can look to blame for at least in part inspiring the violence will be none other than Paul Krugman and the NYT. 

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