Monday, November 16, 2020

Congratulation to Squinty & Meat Puppet. All it took was a Hemlock Martini

We've spent most of the last four or five years making fun of, excessively degrading, and pointing out the rank hypocrisy of Joe & Mika and the soft skulls at MSNBC.  But now, in the present call for healing, and in the spirit of reconciliation, we humble ourselves and congratulate the Dynamic Duo of Morning TDS Drama Talk for being Numero Uno in that always important media time slot,  when most of America is shitin' shavin' and showerin', or thinking about the ecstasy of their first sip of their morning caffeine fix, or screaming to stop shoving Cherriors up you little brother nose!!

But be careful Joe, and don't strain your elbow patting yourselves on the back.  Just remember, as your hero Barky O' once said, "You Didn't Build That."

You see, it wasn't your morning dramatic repackaging of the very same rhetoric you used the morning before, or your foot stomping, doorslaming critique of everything DJT.  It wasn't you postulating everything you were once against or your frequent unhinged conspiracy theories No, it wasn't your illustrious crew; little pip Willie Geist nodding in agreement, gleefully awaiting his reward, or the disgraced, ethically challenged presidential historian John Meacham.  Nay, even the never-trumper and grifter extraordinaire Ricky Wilson or the Right Reverend Al who has added so much to your broadcast could take credit.  

No Joe. It took Fox News to drink the poison and commit suicide by alienating 60% of their viewers. Sorry to tell you Joe. 

But tell Mika to keep her tits up, it could be a lot worse. You both could be on CNN.

~ Thank You WHATFINGER NEWS & MJA@IOTWReport for the Linkage! ~

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