Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Exactly What Would It Take to Convince Anyone of Election Rigging?

The media and Big Tech are working overtime to censor, crush reports and dispute any evidence of voter irregularities. So a lot of people don’t even know what is being alleged in the numerous sworn affidavits. I desperately want to believe that people, if presented the evidence, will accept it. Or at the very least be open to it, awaiting further confirmation.  

Now before I go any further, I want to ask a simple question: Remember that a) lying in a sworn affidavit to a court is a crime. And b) doing anything that is seen as helping Trump will subject you to all manner of hell.  In light of that, do you believe the countless witnesses who now have sworn to seeing illegal activity leading up to and through the election would lie?  

Now, for those fair-minded people who support Biden, may I ask a few questions?

Pray Tell. Do you believe...

......It would be wrong for election supervisors to coach workers to correct mail-in ballots for Biden, but not for Trump?
......That it would also be wrong for election workers to coach voters to vote for Biden and Democrats, and follow them to the ballot station?
......It would be wrong for poll workers to go out to a Biden-Harris van in the middle of the night and fill out ballots?
......That it would be likewise wrong for poll workers to fill in the names of people who hadn’t yet voted when a “voter” comes in who is not on the voter rolls?
......It’s wrong for poll workers to ignore matching signature requirements?
......That it’s wrong for counting centers to keep Republican poll watchers from observing hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots? ......It was wrong for Philadelphia Democrats to ignore a court order that demanded poll watchers have their rightful access?
......That it’s wrong for a Democratic- controlled ballot-counting center Fulton County, Georgia to tell GOP observers they were done counting for the night
….then resume counting the minute the observers left?
......It was wrong for Nevada voting officials to fabricate proof of residence data for non-eligible voters?
......That it was likewise wrong for postal supervisors in several states to order workers to post-date late arriving ballots, so it would falsely appear they arrived on time?
......It is wrong to cast ballots using the dead?
......That it is wrong to count ballots from people ineligible to vote in a particular state?
......It is wrong for a state supreme court to ignore state law and the U.S. constitution to change the voting rules right before an election? Rules guaranteed to make the process more susceptible to fraud?

Each of those statements is asserted in 131 sworn affidavits from poll workers, poll watchers and whistleblowers or happened in broad daylight. So please answer me honestly: How many of these wrongs laid out are you willing to outright dismiss? Doesn’t fairness dictate you at least listen to what these people have to say? 

How many people must swear under penalty of imprisonment for perjury before you acknowledge the vote tallies are horribly tarnished? Would Any of This Be Suspicious?

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