Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Is Joe Biden Really Just an Insensate Sockpuppet??


Aged white man with 43 years representing Delaware in D.C. tweets about systemic racism:
"The fact is systemic racism touches every facet of American life, and everyone — no matter your race or ethnicity — benefits when we build a more equitable America."
I think it's unlikely that Biden wrote this himself. Has he internalized critical race theory ideology? I doubt very seriously if he even read this, and if he did, if he understood it. If he did write it, did he understand what it says about his own ascendancy in American political life? Considering all Biden's insensitive and racist remarks over the past 40+ years - yes it's a solid bet Biden did not say that.

You have to deny apparent reality if you believe that Shufflin' Joe is really in charge of anything. His handlers, the unknown and definitely unelected Progressive Politburo are running the show. Biden is our Potemkin president. The angry left are speaking for him. Most everything he says is either read from a prompter, or quoted from notes in hand.

And every time we see Joe, there standing behind him just off camera, always masked and dressed in dark colors, hovering over Joe like the Grim Reaper waiting patiently to drag the carcass away, is Kamala.

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