Monday, June 7, 2021

Media Already Beginning to Push Excuses For Dems Potential Losses in '22 & '24 With Kooky Conspiracy Theories

Anyone with the intestinal fortitude to endure an early morning trip around the TV dial knows the mostly female former weather girls and failed actors pretending to be pseudo-journalist of the early morning shows for the most part set the news cycle for the day. Between cute cat videos and interviewing authors no one has heard of,  since the age of anti-Trump always wander off the rails into territory of which the don't belong. National Politics.

But it's now their job to help keep eyes off the stumbling inept Biden administration that increasingly resemble a grievance infused adolescent student council from a school for troubled youth in a runaway car speeding down hill.  Over on cable news, this is the all day norm.

None have produced so much conspiracy nonsense with so little available IQ then the confused mouth breathers at MSNBC.

This being the month of June means the 18 month run-up to the midterms have official begun. And this cycle, with the dems in justified fear of America waking up and their party getting their clock cleaned November 2022, will be pulling out all the stops. This mornings Squinty & Meat Puppy Show is the type of BS we all can expect here on out: Conspiracy. Conspiracy Everywhere!

Mika kicked things off by reading at length from a column by Yale professor Timothy Snyder, wherein he spun his conspiracy theory.

According to NewsBusters: Snyder is the same guy who in 2017 predicted that Trump would stage the equivalent of the Nazi Reichstag fire by declaring a state of emergency and taking full control of the government. That of course never happened, but Snyder's poor powers of prognostication didn't deter the Morning Joe crew from buying into his latest scaremongering theory.

In his column, Snyder foresees nothing short of "the collapse of the United States." He says he wrote his column upon awakening from a nightmare in which he was visiting the Empire State Building when a plane crashed into it. He knew the building was going to collapse, but people wouldn't listen to him and instead just go about their business.
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