Saturday, June 5, 2021

Tony The Martyr

EARL Done This

Tony appeared on Ricky Maddow's Conspiracy Central show Friday and laid claim to his creds as a Martyr by proclaiming the recent criticisms of him are “really very much an attack on science,” and “the thread going through what’s happening now is very much an anti-science approach."  Fauci added that the origin of the virus is an important question, but “it is being approached now in a very vehement way, in a very distorted way, I believe, by attacking me.”

We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Reality:
"Fauci emails are showing three key things:
* It was a conflict of interest for Fauci and the science community 
* Anything Trump said, the Liberal media pushed the opposite 
* CCP propaganda 
"We have a whole ecosystem of scientists in the United States and around the world that are financially, because of the grant monies, professionally and reputationally heavily invested in this type of research and had every incentive to make sure that the narrative they were wrong and that it leaked out — was suppressed." -  Rep.Mike Waltz 
Waltz’s remarks follow the publication of a Vanity Fair article which suggested State Department investigators were “repeatedly advised not to open a "Pandora’s box" in terms of investigating the origins of the Chinese coronavirus.

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