Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Just "Part of the Process"?

"Tuesday and as we descend into an ever deepening and darkening dystopian nightmare, the chant of "Fuck Joe Biden" is rapidly becoming a national cri de coeur. A big reason is the reaction against the insanity of being forced to get injected with an at best minimally effective and at worst lethal chemical cocktail to combat a virus that was easily treated with cheap therapeutics ("was" since by now, Classic Chinese COVID has all but disappeared and mutated out of the environment). 
I'm only scratching the surface because Anthony Fauci, a twisted, megalomaniacal, malignant, rodentine dwarf who spent decades actually spreading disease and death while making money hand over fist via the pharmaceutical industry championing little more than very expensive snake oil, is placed on a pedestal as a demigod healer. And woe to anyone who dares question him, his motives and his record. 
This Merrick Garland cancer is just another Globalist technocrat in service of dismantling America and serving it up on a platter to the Greater Xi Asian COVID Prosperity Sphere and the UN. Julie Kelly indeed has been doing outstanding real journalism in chronicling the souls rotting away in the Garland Archipelago for having the gall to object to the 2020 election being stolen and the nation overthrown, their petty misdemeanor of being duped into trespassing into the Capitol notwithstanding. So, these people are demonized and are about to be railroaded into prison on trumped-up charges as having committed a crime worse than 9/11, the Civil War and the Holocaust combined. Yet when actual Nazi collaborator George Soros' bought and paid for thugs accost Kyrsten Sinema in a Senate toilet, Joe Towelette Biden dismissed it as "part of the process." 
Yeah, part of the process of political terrorism and intimidation. Now evidently, Sinema is being harassed everywhere she goes. 
One day, the chorus of "Fuck Joe Biden" is going to be akin to sticking your head into a jet airplane exhaust (or a Marshall amp at a circa '73 Deep Purple concert). And it won't be just aimed at that decrepit, demented asshole." - J.J. Sefton

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