Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Media Outlet Afraid of the Online Mob Apologizes in Amusing Headline for Reporting on Biden Corruption

Business Insider decided to finally do a piece on the Hunter Biden scandal but equivocated all over the place trying to appease the leftist mob, disparage Trump, and dump on Fox News while minimally reporting on the corruption.

This is hilarious example of media throat clearing just to signal any potential online mob. A cowardly kind of genuflection necessary to appease readership. Instead of just focusing the facts and the documented corruption of the Biden clan, Business Insider appeared to feel it had to apologize to their liberal audience for even attempting to do their job as journalists media.

To be fair, it appears that they did mention a number of things that many on the right have reported about for quite some time. And he does comment that the mainstream media has basically dismissed Hunter Biden’s scandals. But then he goes on once more to water down the crime and corruption surrounding Biden the Younger. The writer just could not resist doing some kind of comparison to DJT. It’s their standby go-to when trying to deflect over misdeeds by Democrats. -  READ MORE

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