Wednesday, October 20, 2021

No Country For Old Fools: Did They Really Believe He Could Govern Competently??

46*, Dr. Jill and lil' Pip Alejandro at Recent WH Event

Too many people who think they are smart and aware actually just don’t grasp the obvious. So they have to be hit in the head — figuratively! — with a hammer … again and again and again … until they see the light (or until the hammer breaks — figuratively!).  No one sensible conceivably thought that after 50 years of his manifest mediocrity and plentiful plagiarism in public life, this charisma-less character suddenly was going to become another Winston Churchill. Biden so obviously was going to lead us nowhere, certainly not into the Promised Land.  Like the mediocre colonel who submitted a mediocre application for promotion, his only letter of recommendation could read: “His men would follow him anywhere — but only out of curiosity.”

And yet the Democrats selected him from among their box of chocolates without fillings in the center. And now the rest of America is surprised to see the Guernica they got?  It never could have been otherwise. He had no vision for half a century,  and yet now he suddenly was going to see a future? His bumbling of Afghanistan was so dramatic that it pierced through the combined Leftist Media and Social Media walls protecting him from public view. People finally got their glimpse of the man they had seated in the Oval Office. He never has been in positive numbers since.*

Not only does the emperor have no clothes, but he also is no emperor. The border is in chaos. He has inflaming race relations. His vengeful weasel of an Attorney General is now looking to criminalize parental expressions of deep concern regarding their children's education. Crime is soaring as bail is ended, while police are disheartened, resigning, or taking early retirement, avoiding resolving particularly perilous street incidents when they can look the other way.

The pandemic that he said would disappear on his watch has not. The economy that he said he could manage better than DJT is on the verge of becoming a trash fire unseen since the Carter years. He has not distinguished himself on foreign policy; our enemies see a weaken animal while our allies nervously fain confidence.   

This is the mess we did not need to bring upon ourselves, but too many Americans needed reality hammered into their heads — figuratively! And, as Winston Churchill may have observed, Americans have an innate ability to make the right choices … but only after they first have opted for each and every other available wrong choice.

When Americans have it too good, we need to ruin our lives when no one else will step forward to do it for us.  Biden as president ran on a 50-year record of failure and racial bigotry. Everyone knew it. Why is anyone surprised that so much of the floor has fallen out, the ceiling has collapsed.  And yet we must pray for Biden’s mental and physical status not to recede further for the next three years while a sub-mediocrity lurks in the wings hoping to pounce in at first opportunity?*

[* Excerpts from Dov Fischer at The American Spectator]

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