Friday, December 3, 2021

Your Weekend Open Thread

Your Beloved Blog Editrix Turns Things Over to You, the Readers.
 Got Something to Say? Then Say It Man. Say It!!

Concerning my absence from DMF:  Monday morning your Beloved Blog Editrix was unexpectedly kidnaped, my personal digital devices confiscated, and secreted off by the Love of My Life to be held (tightly) hostage for two days & nights in a Bed and Breakfast in Jefferson Texas.  Then early Wednesday I was awakened and whisked off against my will to Dallas to participate in an decadent Christmas shopping spree, fine dining and a late night on the town. But this was not the end, as to come was being strong-armed & intimidated into picking out new car as my Christmas present AND THEN total humiliation having to drive it all the way home myself!!😎  But know this one thing my friends, I am a strong person. I will recover from this with time.

For those of you who emailed with concerns of my health and whereabouts, I couldn't see them at the time. But I thank you very much. Love You Guys! 💋

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