Thursday, January 6, 2022

Glenn Greenwald Torches Oliver Darcy's Nads, Sends Him Back Home to Tater. 不不不


Like Christmas morning, Ollie & Tater jumped from bed to join in the media event they, like others, had long waited for.  January 6th.  CNN's Chief media hall monitors, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum both had prepared well for their day of monitoring a real news channel's coverage and both had plenty to say.  But as Oliver Darcy took to the tweeter, he probably wasn't expecting a real journalist and rational thinker Glen Greenwald to be listening....

Enter Glen Greenwald with a lit flamethrower.......
Poor Ollie tried really hard to fire back … but it was pretty sad.
Greenwald sets Ollie's nads on fire, pats him on the butt and sends him running home to Tater.....
It’s embarrassingly sad how much time a supposed news outlet spends covering what the other more popular, successful news outlet is covering. It certainly comes across as sour grapes and desperation.

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