Tuesday, May 3, 2022

I've Always Seen It As the Ultimate Act Of Selfishness

The prospect of Roe going away has been inevitable since Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Court, giving it five truly conservative justices even without the irritating John Roberts counted in the majority.

It should be understood that the pro-life forces have done everything by the book. They’ve passed laws through the legislative process in order to challenge Roe v. Wade, they’ve engaged in advocacy inside and outside of politics, they’ve invested a great deal of money into crisis pregnancy centers to convince unexpected mothers to carry children to term, they’ve worked to educate the public on the emotional and moral costs of abortion, and they’ve appointed judges through the regular process who could break down the undemocratic and shaky legal regime built around Roe.

It’s been the pro-abortion Left which has broken the rules. They’re the ones who trashed the filibuster for judicial appointments, and that opened the door for Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett to go onto the Court and make a majority for upending Roe. That their bad faith and tactical mistakes are coming back to bite them would lead to some hyper-partisan, radical liberal coward (likely connected to current or former dem minions for Biden or Barky) hand deliver the "scoop" designed to pressure SCOTUS to change ruling & serve red-meat for midterm dems, trashing two and a half centuries of tradition only continues the pattern.  

And for what? 

Roe v. Wade going away won’t make abortion illegal in America. Not by a long shot. What it’ll mean is that Minnesota, Massachusetts and California will have very permissive laws and allow their abortion mills to continue to operate as usual, while Texas, Louisiana and South Carolina will ban it altogether.

That’s the way the country was founded. Let the states make their own policies.  

Now, some pro-life states will try to pass laws making it illegal for their citizens to go elsewhere to have an abortion. That’ll be messy, and ultimately I’ll say it won’t work. I certainly understand the moral imperative in the pro-life movement to stamp out abortion everywhere, seeing it’s murder, of course you’ll want to put an end to it. Politically, though, that’s likely going to be a bridge too far.

And you’ll have the usual virtue-signaling and cancel culture on the Left. California will refuse travel by state employees to pro-life states,  and you’ll probably see government pressure for New York banks to punish red states by refusing to finance bonds anywhere abortion is banned, and so forth. Power to the Correct People! Right?

These things are unpleasant, but honestly even that is better than what we currently have, which is something significant majorities in red states believe is a manifest evil being imposed on them by Washington DC through a poorly-reasoned Supreme Court decision.

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