Tuesday, May 10, 2022

What Do You Do with a Former Spokes-Liar for a Failed Vice President? Why You Give Them a Show on MSNBC of Course.

Symone Sanders is a Precious among the establishment elite. As a former press secretary for Bennie Sander (not believed to be relation) and late worked in the Biden campaign.  Sanders is one of the many escapees from the office of her Vice Fraudulency Kamala Harris, where the 32-year-old served as a chief spokes-liar and a senior advisor. But even with the full force of the establishment media protecting her, the team around Harris, which included Symone led, failed at every turn. 

What kind of resume is that? You get to anchor your own cable news show because your boss failed upward?  With a short stint at CNN (insert laugh track here) as a verbose and annoying anti -Trump voice under her rather massive belt, MSNBC hired her right out of the White House and branded her new show with the unique title 'Symone'. Her weekend debut on the second rate ugly stepsister to the once respected NBC news network, was a ratings catastrophe.

Sander said she would not be using the show as a platform to spread pro-Biden propaganda. “I’m not here to be a spokesperson for the Biden administration,” she told The Hill’.  So of course her first guess was Joe Biden's primary caretaker, Doctor Reverend Professor Jill Biden. 

NBC-Universal hires people who have no business being on TV and Sander will join their recent trend of hiring unattractive teleprompter challenged talking heads of superior melanin count who who are uninteresting, inexperienced, and have no audience outside a handful of D.C. morons.


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