Monday, June 20, 2022

NOLA's LaToya "Da Destroya" Gifts the City a "Peace Pole" and "Hair Pick".

Madam Mayor Latoya "Da Destroya" Cantrell

One of the great cultural centers of the South, the City of New Orleans is rapidly becoming unlivable, with crime creeping into the reasonable safety of the Tourist and Business Districts, and the crumbling infrastructure remaining unaddressed. But Mayor Cantrell is continuing the expensive crusade to cleanse the city of offensive statues, like that of the Hero of the Battle of New Orleans and 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson.

Last Wednesday, LaToya "Da Destroya" unveiled the newest civic improvement in the city.

She unveiled a Peace Pole. A Peace Pole.

Sure, there may be 14 year olds having shoot outs in the streets & hijacking BMW's around the city, and potholes big enough for a bus to fall in, but we now have a Peace Pole that took FOUR entities to install. The city thought this new bit of “infrastructure” was so impressive that Da Destroya actually sobered up and had at ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Sadly, the Pole worked for about an hour. Two feral Trayvons shot a white woman on interstate 10 shortly after the ceremony.
It’s easier to erect a Peace Pole than to actually do something to improve the city of New Orleans. Especially since the mayor is an absentee drunk, the police chief is incompetent, and DA doesn’t want to prosecute anyone, and the sheriff doesn’t believe in incarcerating anybody.

But that's not all she gave the city!!

Just in time for Juneteenth celebrations this weekend: A new statue for the city in Lafayette Square, some kind of combination of Afro pick and black power fist.......
Clearly the city needs to up the ante to curb violence. I’m thinking TWO more hair picks to bookend the peace pole. It’s the only logical thing to do at this point.

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