Tuesday, June 14, 2022

"You Read Quote Now! " - Confucius

"The health fanatics who have poisoned all our natural enjoyments ought, in my view, to be rounded up and locked together in a place where they can bore each other rigid with their futile nostrums for eternal life. The rest of us should live out our days in a chain of linked symposia, in which the catalyst is wine, the means conversation, the goal a serene acceptance of our lot and a determination not to outstay our welcome.” - Sir Roger Scruton 
 "Much to the embarrassment of emotionally well-adjusted Americans, the House Soviet Select Committee on Daddy Issues, also known as the J6 Committee, continues to play kangaroo court for a television audience that couldn’t fill a windowless pervert van. Thus far, all the committee has accomplished is to showcase Liz Cheney’s constipation-induced humorlessness. 
One would think that people who have had so much practice spinning false narratives would be better at this by now." - Stephen Kruiser  
 “To save power, we turn off the car’s cooling system and the radio, unplug our phones and lower the windshield wipers to the lowest possible setting while still being able to see. Three miles away from the station, we have one mile of estimated range.”- Rachel Wolfe

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