Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Squinty & Meat Puppet and Co. Beclown Themselves Standing Up for Kamala

Monday, our favorite kickball, the blathering duo of Squinty Joe Scarborough and Brain Cell Mika Brzezinski, served up yet another three hour-long rant about the upcoming midterms, anti-Republican rhetoric, and jokes amongst liberal media hyenas about how those in opposition to them are "conspiracy theorists," "freaks," and "weirdos."

The bitter former Florida political loser further debased himself by taking aim at someone far more successful in Sunshine State politics, Governor Ron DeSantis (R). He then bloviated about January 6, saying that even with an administration who is putting financial stress on Americans, the voters will still not trust Republicans.

He fails as usual to mention they don't trust dems either.

“These guys are wackos and insurrectionists and freaks, I’m certainly not going to trust them to run the country.”

It's okay Joe. Really. It's Okay with us.

Squinty Joe went as far to say the extremely unlikeable and unpopular Vice President Kamala Harris beats Ron DeSantis “in one poll after another” (?) despite her constantly getting bad press. It’s funny because most of this bad press comes from Joe & Mika's regular S&MP minion Jonathan Lemire's own Politico website, where he holds the title of White House bureau chief. His colleagues have increasingly trashed the Vice President and even told the public what a bitch she is to work with.

But according to Lemire, democrats have a “sense of eternal gratitude to Joe Biden for defeating Donald Trump in 2020 but thinking perhaps he is not the right guy to now defeat Trumpism.” 

Because we all know “Trumpism” is the main concern for Americans right now, not crime in the streets or their unnecessary financial stress.

Lemire then claimed the Republicans “seem out of step,” and voters will see that in November despite there being supposed frustration caused by the SCOTUS decisions, the January 6 hearings, and other matters far from Americans’ minds right now such as the pandemic. In terms of blame, Lemire absolved his friends in the Biden administration.

There may not be a midterm "Wave" as predicted by pollsters as of now, but one thing will be for sure. As long as dems are led the mental infirm tards, Biden/Harris, they are the real losers.

You can catch the Video @NewsBusters

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