Monday, December 12, 2022

The Left's Hair on Fire Over Threat to Expose St. Fauci and Covid Deceptions

"OH IT IS COMING. BIGTIME" - Musk on Twitter Files Exposé on Covid.

RC- The Twitter Files have the Democrats circling the wagons and  losing their minds. The effort to revise history, gaslight, ridicule, and bully everyone into thinking this is a big NOTHING is failing utterly, despite the coordinated, concerted collusion of the press — ESPECIALLY CNN — and they are in a full-time panic. And it has only just begun.

So far the Twitter Files has exposed Big Tech, and not just Twitter, working hand-in-hand with Democrats, with the unelected, overwhelming liberal bureaucracy, the corrupt FBI, the Biden campaign, and the media to quash dissent, crush Republicans, alter elections, and as Obama put it, “fundamentally transform” the United State to conform to their radical anti-God anti-American anti-capitalist anti-freedom worldview.

And one of the biggest ways they got away with it was propaganda and silencing dissent. And one of the biggest parts of that was big tech. And of course, Dr. Anthony Evil Fauci.

And you KNOW they have the receipts now. And Elon Musk is going to release them.

This is an information revolution people.


For those without a Tweeter account, here is the summation from the latest tweeter file dump. I inserted a hot link to the complete thread. 
38. Outside the United States, Twitter’s decision to ban Trump raised alarms, including with French President Emmanuel Macron, German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, and Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. 
39. Macron told an audience he didn’t “want to live in a democracy where the key decisions” were made by private players. “I want it to be decided by a law voted by your representative, or by regulation, governance, democratically discussed and approved by democratic leaders.” 
40. Merkel’s spokesperson called Twitter’s decision to ban Trump from its platform “problematic” and added that the freedom of opinion is of “elementary significance.”

Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny criticized the ban as “an unacceptable act of censorship.” 
41. Whether you agree with Navalny and Macron or the executives at Twitter, we hope this latest installment of #TheTwitterFiles gave you insight into that unprecedented decision. 
42. From the outset, our goal in investigating this story was to discover and document the steps leading up to the banning of Trump and to put that choice into context. 
43. Ultimately, the concerns about Twitter’s efforts to censor news about Hunter Biden’s laptop, blacklist disfavored views, and ban a president aren’t about the past choices of executives in a social media company. 
44. They’re about the power of a handful of people at a private company to influence the public discourse and democracy. 
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