Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Didn't Take the Newly Arrived Very Long to Become Entitled Democrats

Illegal immigrants recently bused into New York city fight to retain their free accommodations at a cozy midtown Manhattan hotel. Meanwhile many U.S. army veterans are relegated to life on the cold city streets.

Unfortunately how ideologically scintillating a policy is has become more important than how much it promotes the interests of the American people. Helping veterans is not a very “sexy” topic on the Left, but demonstrating one’s “compassion” by accommodating illegal migration is. But how can I trust in the compassionate motivations of anyone who does not care for his own? If you extend your arm to assist my child while your own child is starving, I will not assume that you are motivated by compassion, I will assume that there is something ulterior in your motives.
* * * 
 “The history of government management of money has, except for a few short happy periods, been one of incessant fraud and deception." -Friedrich Hayek

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